Dolphin Cruises


Better known as the Dolphin Capital of Australia, Port Stephens is surrounded by National Parklands and Marine Sanctuaries and offers the experience of seeing animals in their natural environment, including the local bottlenose dolphins.

There are thirteen species of dolphins that live in Australian waters, though only one type of dolphin lives in one area all its life, the Bottlenose Dolphin. Around 100 to 150 bottlenose dolphins reside in Port Stephens and cruise boat operators can take you up close with these friendly mammals as they play on the bow wave off the front of the boat. If youre lucky you may be able to spot them from the shoreline or watch them play amongst the local surfers!


Dolphin Cruises Depart Daily - Winning Holidays can arrange tour reservation on your behalf on one of the following cruise boats:


Moonshadow Cruises

Spectacular harbour cruise with 99% sighting rate, morning or afternoon tea, live commentary and rides in the huge boom net, plus a twist & twirl waterslide (Moonshadow V). Prices start from: $28 per adult - $14.50 per Child - $70.50 per family of 4 (2x adults + 2x children)


Imagine Cruises

Get wet with the dolphins in the boom net or ride above them in the bow net. One level deck (safe and easy to walk around), hydrophone to hear dolphins talk, FREE dolphin literature, FREE tea, coffee and biscuits. Dolphin sighting guarantee or FREE return cruise. Prices start from: $26 per adult - $14 per Child - $66 per family of 4 (2x adults + 2x children).


MV Tamboi Queen or MV Surprise

Friendly crew, twin level viewing decks, exciting boom rides, live informative commentary, hydrophones, licensed bars, complimentary mooring and afternoon tea, free dolphin information sheet, clean rest rooms. Be sure to bring your swimmers and towel. Prices start from: $23 per adult - $10 per Child - $54 per family of 4 (2x adults + 2x children).


  • Bottlenose dolphins typically live in groups of 10-30 members called pods
  • They live in temperate and tropical regions, mostly along coastal areas
  • Dolphins consume around 8-10 kg of fish per day
  • They grow up to 2.5 metres in length and weigh approximately 200kg
  • Bottlenose dolphins can reach speeds of up to 30 km per hour over short distances