Animal Encounters


Surrounded by the Tomaree National Park, with a water wonderland in the front yard and the Australian bush in the backyard, you are almost guaranteed an encounter with one of our native animals. This home is a host to native plants and trees as well as being home to a large koala colony and an abundance of other animals including echidnas, goannas, wallabies, native bird species including kookaburras and sulphur crested cockatoos plus kangaroos, which are commonly seen on the golf courses.

There are several offshore islands including Boondelbah which is positioned 3km to the northeast and is home to penguins, white-faced storm petrels, seals and a variety of shearwaters. Just to the north is Cabbage Tree Island which is reputedly the only island with a rainforest ecosystem in southern Australia and was the first gazetted flora and fauna reserve in NSW. Cruise boat operators will take a tour around the islands on a return whale watching voyage, where you may also be welcomed by dolphins as you pass the magnificent headlands of Mount Tomaree and Yacaaba Headland. Dolphin Swim Australia, who operate during the summer months, offer a rare way to encounter dolphins in the wild with their open water adventure.


Under the water is an abundance of fish species, sharks, sting rays and other sea life. Discover an underwater world with sea caves, sponge gardens and shipwrecks. Explore the marine sanctuaries off Nelson Bay to see rare species only found in Port Stephens such as the passion flower feather star, pineapplefish, Saw-tooth Moray Eel and the white seahorse.

Visitors to the area are reminded the native bushland that surrounds this beautiful destination also has native frogs species, spiders, middies, sand flies, mosquitos, flies and other insects which you may see, especially if you choose to stay in a property that is close to reserves, marshland areas and natural vegetation. It is advised that you pack insect repellent, especially during the warmer months.